Monday, October 1, 2012

Great Lakes Bioneers Chicago, The Living City

Great Lakes Bioneers Chicago, The Living City November 2-4, 2012-Chicago, becomes the largest Bioneers city in the nation!

Bioneers (root: "biological pioneer") the term describes individuals and groups working in diverse disciplines who have crafted creative solutions to various environmental and socio-cultural problems rooted in shared core values, including whole systems, (anticipatory) thinking, a view of all life as interdependent, and sustainable mutual aid.

Great Lakes Bioneers Chicago invites you to join local and international visionaries to create nature-inspired solutions to society’s most important challenges. Programming for all ages, including speakers, workshops, visual and performing arts, and an exhibit hall. Keynotes by Vandana Shiva, Nina Simons, John Edel, Gerould Wilhelm, Mark Lakeman, Starhawk, and Richard Heinberg. 

GLBC will also have many amazing local people presenting or organizing this event! Jean Russell, Laurel Ross, Elizabeth Wenscott (volunteer coordinator), Michael Howard, Howard Alan, Working Bikes, The Dill Pickle Co-op, Kathleen Duffy, Home Birth in Chicago, Sarah Simmons, Intentional Housing and Co-housing, Sarah Kaplan, Terry Edlin, Ameya Pawar, Joe Moore, David Arfa, James Thindwa, Gerould Wilhelm, Sue Davenport, Nance Klehm, Pete Leki, Julie Peterson, LaManda Joy, Kenn Dunn, Eli Suzukovich, Milton Dixon, Vandana Shiva, Starhawk, Mark Lakeman, and so many more! 

If you are interested in attending this incredible event, please follow this link
Also note: Volunteer for One-Half Day you will  Get in the Other Half Free!

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