Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Protecting the Great Lakes

Protecting the Great Lakes
from Diversion, Pollution, Climate Change, Catastrophes, and Invasive Species

Join us to examine the complex of laws and treaties, government agencies and enforcement challenges, wide-ranging threats from pollution to invasive species that must all be negotiated in planning a sustainable future for our Great Lakes. 

The five Great Lakes constitute the largest system of surface freshwater on earth. They contain twenty percent of the world's freshwater resource. About one tenth of the population of the United States and one quarter of the population of Canada rely on the Great Lakes for fresh water.  The Lakes are also a natural resource of beauty to residents and visitors, as well as an instrument of commerce.

Protecting the Great Lakes  will be held on February 24, 2012 in the Museum's James Simpson Theater, Field Museum

This all-day symposium organized and sponsored by the 7th Circuit Bar Association Foundation will examine the legal and policy issues facing the Great Lakes with faculty from both the United States and Canada to present a binational perspective. These fifteen well known and highly regarded faculty from Canada and the United States are experts in the threats to the Great Lakes from diversion, pollution, climate change, catastrophes, and invasive species, as well as the tangled web of treaties, provincial and state laws, and municipal laws relating to these topics.

Check out the program by visiting 7th Circuit Bar Association's website:

To register and take advantage of free admission, contact Doug Carlson at or by calling 312-201-2643.

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