Saturday, December 17, 2011

Studies on Cell Phones Convincing Enough To Promote Limited Use in Canada

Earlier research links just a half an hour's use a day with up to 40% higher odds of brain cancer. Children's maturing brains are especially susceptible, and will have decades of use before middle age. How to negotiate a reasonable relationship with this dangerous technology? Can you turn off your phone when not in use? Or carry it in a purse or bag away from your body? How about texting or using the speaker phone instead of putting the phone directly to your ear? Use old fashioned land line when not in travel? 
"December 9, 2011
Health Canada Admits Studies on Cell Phones Convincing Enough To Promote Limited Use

Ignorance may or may not be bliss, but one thing is certain -- it is very profitable. At least that's what cell phone companies count on to increase their bottom line. Health Canada may not be the most reputable agency when it comes to protecting the health of Canadians, but a promising initiative from the regulating body is proposing to adopt a precautionary approach and guidelines for limited cellphone use.
Canadians are encouraged to limit cellphone call length and to text message or use a hands-free device whenever possible (to increase the distance between the cellphone and the user's head). Those under 18 should be especially careful to limit all cellphone use. Children are still growing and are therefore much more sensitive to external agents such as radiation". For the complete article follow this link.

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