Monday, November 21, 2011

NNA's Partnership with North Branch Restoration Project

The Northcenter Neighborhood Association would like to announce their newly created partnership with the North Branch Restoration Project!

As part of the Greening of Northcenter Neighborhood, the Environmental Committee has joined forces with  the North Branch Restoration Project (NBRP), on their latest project, The Parkway Corner Initiative. This initiative aims to restore public land within the Northcenter Neighborhood Association's  (NNA) borders back to native plant systems, corner by corner. With the help of residents living near these corners,  these native plant areas will create forage for our wildlife, help to absorb rainwater near catch basins, and function as a way educate our neighbors and our children about the importance and history of Chicago's very own native plants!

The Parkway Corner Initiative will be the first truly "urban native plant initiative" within NNA's borders.  Soon, all members of NNA will receive an email listing the details and requirements to be a part of this exciting project.  Although the parkways will not be registered as natural prairies, or woodland ecosystems like many of the areas NBRP manages, this is a beautiful meeting of humans and native plants thriving together.

For those of you who do know The North Branch Restoration Project,  they are a group of dedicated citizens who have worked to help protect and restore native Illinois ecosystems in forest preserves and other public lands along the North Branch of the Chicago River since the 1970's. With over a dozen or so management sites they are among the finest natural areas in the county! 

For more information on the North Branch Restoration Project,  please visit:

Environmental Committee meetings take place on the first Wednesday of the month, 7 pm at Paul Revere Fieldhouse.
      January 4 (CANCELED)
      February 1st and March 7th  (NEW INITIATIVES DAY)

Have you been wanting to join NNA's Environmental Committee? Then all that is required it that you become a member. Do you have an idea or want to lead your own initiative? Then February 1st and March 7th is for you! Join NNA's Environmental Committee and present your ideas!

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