Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Take the Green Lawn Challenge

A beautiful, green lawn has long symbolized America’s commitment to their homes and community.  The race for a perfect, weed-free, green lawn has spawned many lawn products that promise a perfect lawn, and their use has become commonplace across our country.  Over time, however, we have realized that the perfect green grass that quickly follows an application of pesticide or weed killers is masking environmental damage that occurs beyond.  The soil and water supply harbor and move those contaminants, and eventually, our food and water supplies are contaminated. 

Fortunately, there are numerous green alternatives to these harmful products that deliver the same results without causing harm to the environment.  In North Center, we realize that each of us can make responsible choices within our own yards, but without the commitment of our neighbors, our efforts won’t have the impact to protect our soil and water supplies. 

We are therefore starting the GREEN LAWNS initiative.  Neighbor – by – neighbor, we are signing up North Center residents to build a coalition of people committed to obtaining a beautiful, green lawn without resorting to harmful pesticides and pollutants.  By signing up, you promise to do one thing:

ensure that only eco-friendly- pesticide and weed killer products enter your yard.

As a coalition, we can use our strength to
  • obtain eco-friendly lawn services at a discount;
  •  affect the products and techniques used in North Center’s parks and public spaces; and
  • ensure a clean soil and water supply for our health.  
Join by emailing us at greenlawns@northcenter.org.   

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